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About Sim Lian Group . The Wander Vale EC Developer

The Sim Lian Group, developer for the Wander Vale EC, started out from humble beginnings in Singapore in 1976. It has its roots in the building & construction industry, from where it built its reputation on principles of flexibility, integrity, commitment to quality, and a culture of excellence.

These tenets continue to undergird the many fulfilling and trusted relationships it shares with its customers and business partners, over the years till the present day.

Treasure Trove by Sim Lian Group . Developer for Wander Vale ECTreasure Trove condominium by Sim Lian Group . Developer for Wander Vale EC

The ensuing qualities of tenacity, resilience and determination imbued in its people has formed the basis of its growth. It has also enabled the Sim Lian Group to understand the hopes and aspirations of its market – the individuals, families, and investors that it caters for.


The Wander Vale EC Developer | Synergy & Dynamism

From its roots in the construction industry, the Sim Lian Group added property investment and other supporting divisions to its business. It is now recognised as a comprehensive property player with an extensive portfolio of residential, commercial, industrial, retail and mixed-use projects in the region, that include a couple of EC projects like the Wander Vale EC.

Trillion Project in KL . By Sim Lian GroupTrillion Project in KL . By Sim Lian Group

The Sim Lian Group’s 2 core activities of property development & construction are highly synergistic, enabling the sharing of resources and savings from economies of scale.

In addition, the Group’s supporting businesses that include electrical and civil engineering, metal works, trading of industrial lubricants and the leasing of mobile sanitation, provides additional value to its core business.

The Sim Lian Group will continue to sharpen its operational efficiency and cost effectiveness while improving the quality of its projects, allowing savings to be passed to its Wander Vale EC customers.

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The Parkwood Collection is a new cluster housing development in the Hougang area, in the long established Realty Park private residential estate. It is being developed by Fantasia Investment (Singapore).

Cluster housing developments on this scale are rare. What is also rare is one that is so close to an MRT station. The Parkwood Collection site was fiercely contended for, drawing 11 bids at the GLS tender because of that. What it has against it, is that in is sited on 99 year leasehold land, in an estate where the older existing homes are all on 999 leasehold land.

But it might still draw buyers who prefer a brand new place that does not have any potential “history” to it, given that most existing freehold homes in Singapore are over 50 years old. So if you like the idea of landed living with facilities, and the advantage of being within easy walking distance of Hougang MRT station and town centre, then Parkwood Collection should be worth considering.

As with most town centres (like the one at Chua Chu Kang centre within walking distance of Wandervale), residents at the Parkwood Collection will get the conveniences too. Such as a couple of shopping centres, two NTUC Fairprice Supermarkets, food courts and cafes and fast food outlets, shops and community library, banks, and so on.

The Parkwood Collection itself will comprise 50 semi-detached and 3 terrace units, making a total of 53 cluster houses available for sale here. Each one will come with a private home lift, a basement level where the 2 private car park spaces are, 3 floors of living space, and an attic.

At least 80% of the units at Parkwood Collection will get direct access to the pool. There will be other communal facilities as well. Each fittings are finishings are to a high standard. The bathrooms and kitchens will be fully fitted out, and appliances supplied, including the fridge and washing machine and dryer.